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We offer therapeutic services for individuals, couples, and families. Our approach to therapy is eclectic, meaning the approach will always be integrative, specific, and tailored to the client(s)' needs and goals. 

**We are currently not accepting any new clients for therapy** Please send us an email to be added to the waitlist. Check the resource page for additional resources. 

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We offer group sessions with those facing similar difficulties, like anxiety groups, community violence healing circles, or postpartum depression groups for new parents. Our group services are always tailored to the group's needs and goals and can address a range of issues and concerns.

Please contact us if you are seeking to form a therapeutic group or focus group that requires a licensed professional. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between therapy and coaching services?

Although our therapy and coaching services both serve to create spaces for authentic and intentional growth, the approaches for these services are much different. 

Therapy focuses on improving one's mental health and relieving emotional distress. It promotes emotional healing.

Coaching focuses on setting and achieving goals to improve one's wellness. 

In therapy, there is a diagnostic approach. Our focus is figuring out the problem and what caused it. Therapy services are also limited to those who are not related to or friends with the provider.

In coaching, there is a developmental approach. Our focus is figuring out the client's wants while navigating what's possible. Coaching services are open to all, regardless of relationship to the provider. 

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

There are sliding scale rates available for all services. Please contact us for more information.

How are you responding to the COVID-19 crisis?

The safety of our staff and clients is our top priority. We currently offer online services for counseling and coaching. Group services are contingent upon recent negative COVID test results and vaccination status. Please contact us for more information.

What type of payments do you take?

We currently take the following forms of payment for therapy services only:  

  • Bluecross Blueshield PPO

  • Cigna

  • Magellan

  • United Health Care 

  • Optum 

  • All major credit cards 

We are currently only accepting credit cards, debit cards, and online payment services such as PayPal for our coaching and group services. 

I have friends that I can confide in. Why can't they just give me advice?

Although it's important to have friends who make you feel safe and validated, therapists DO NOT give advice. Although the relationship with your therapist can become friendly, we are not your friend. Even if you have friends who are therapists, they aren't YOUR therapist. 

Therapists offer compassion, respect and understanding through an unbiased and clinically trained lens.​ We also provide honest and direct feedback. Often, we provide psycho-education on psychological and emotional processes. We make sure that our clients have a space to process personal history and we create treatment plans for future goals.

We are not one of your little friends.


Counseling: FAQ
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